Currency LBP
Financing Up to 100% of the tuition fees
Grace period 1 year grace period after the graduation date
Loan Period 10 years after the grace period
Interest Rate 4%
APR 4.5% (for a loan period of 10 years and a grace period of 1 year after graduation)
Conditions / Eligibility Applicant should be a Lebanese national for over 10 years.
Applicant must have completed successfully the first year at the university
Letter of acceptance from the educational institution that also clearly states the annual tuition fees

How much can you get?


1 year

10 years

Your monthly payment:


Numbers of payments:

0 Months

Interest rate: 4%

You will be paying LBP per month, from the time you receive the loan, until 1 year after your graduation. After that you will pay the loan as per the above results.

These numbers are only for simulation purposes

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