Our commitment to being a responsible bank is rooted in our corporate history and business practices. That is why we strive to provide meaningful and innovative solutions to our customers, make lasting contributions to the society, and opt for sustainable practices whenever possible.

Responsible banking

Providing trusted expert advice, responding to each customer’s unique situation, needs and ambitions, is our role as bankers. We place great importance on financial responsibility, long-term planning and a balanced approach to borrowing. Our products are customer-conscious, transparent, with no unnecessary add-ons. We assist our customers towards the best vision they can have for themselves by offering advice and support specifically aimed at durably increasing their personal wellbeing and business success. That is why our banking experience is meaningful and lifelong.

Giving back to community

We work on cultivating our communities by supporting various causes and making lasting contributions to the country’s cultural and artistic sectors in recognition of their transformative potential in the society. We sponsor Lebanese talented artists and provide platforms for them to realize their aspirations. We contribute every year to a number of cultural events across Lebanon such as Al Bustan International Festival of Music and Performing Arts, that we proudly sponsor since 1996. 

We have adopted a policy of purchasing from local artisans, suppliers, and start-ups whenever possible. Our aim is to help them grow and give them the opportunity to expand their business locally and even abroad.

Finally, we work with Lebanese NGOs to reinforce their core capabilities and to help them set on a sustainable and impactful path. Throughout 2017-2019, we proudly supported Donner Sang Compter (DSC), a voluntary non-governmental blood donor organization, to reinforce its core capabilities, including the transformation of its contact center. In October 2019, and despite the country’s challenging situation, we committed to a yearly partnership with CHANCE Association (CHildren AgaiNst CancEr), a Lebanese NGO with a mission to help patients getting access to the support and quality medical treatment.

Protecting the environment

As part of our commitment towards sustainable practices, we focus on reducing plastic and paper use in all our branches and offices. We have also implemented several recycling initiatives in collaboration with NGOs and environmental organizations in Lebanon such as L’Ecoute and Arc-en-ciel. When it comes to print specifically, we always privilege the use of locally produced, 100% Lebanese Recycled Paper.

BSL BANK family

We provide a fulfilling and truthful environment so our people can develop their talents, collaborate and perform at their best, grow and take on more challenges. Our employees’ wellbeing is paramount, so we take all actions to ensure they and their families remain safe. Finally, we value and support their engagement with their communities through volunteer works, sports, cultural and other social activities.

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