Preferential facilities for your day-to-day banking

  • No commission on cash deposit
  • Reduced commission on check deposit
  • Free monthly checkbook
  • Free debit and credit cards, free SMS notification
  • Half-yearly interest on two current accounts in LBP and USD
  • Free domiciliation of two utility bills
  • Free installation fess for the dial up or internet POS machine
  • And much more.

A partner that will support your growth

  • Tailored financing solutions and incentive loans to help you expand, renovate or update your practice.
  • Financing for your patients, helping them to spread the burden of costly procedures.  

Detailed terms

   Day-to-day banking rates and conditions
Cash deposit 
  • Free
  • Value dates: +1 working day in LBP, +5 working days in USD
 Point of Sale (POS) machine
  • Free installation
  • Monthly fee: USD 5 + VAT
  • Commission rate: 1.75% for MasterCard and Visa, 3.25% for American Express
  • 1 free 10-page checkbook per month
  • Check deposit value dates: +4 working days in LBP, +5 working days in USD
  • Check deposit commission: LBP 1,000 or USD 0.75
  • Additional checkbook (10 or 25 pages) ordered will be charged at applicable rates
  • Free Visa classic debit card  
  • Free Titanium credit card with auto-repayment from the current account
  • Free subscription to the SMS notification service on the debit and the credit card
  • Reduced interest rates on the personal credit cards : 1.5% instead of 1.75% per month (i.e. 18%/year instead of 21%/year).
Online banking
Loyalty program (BSL BANK Moment) Unique loyalty program, where every Moment counts
Bills domiciliation Free domiciliation of 2 utility bills (Alfa, MTC, Ogero, EDL)
Statement of account 50% discount on applicable rates

  Current accounts and interest rates
Currency  Up to 2 current accounts, one in LBP and one in USD 
Monthly fee LBP 9,000 or USD 6 per account
Interest earned

Current accounts are interest-bearing with interest calculated half-yearly:
If balance < LBP 3 million = 2%
If balance ≥ LBP 3 million = 4%
If balance < USD 2,000 = 1%
If balance ≥ USD 2,000 = 3%

  Preferential treatment 
  • No initial file fees for personal loans, car loans and housing loans
  • Increased creditor rates for time deposits
  • Reduced interest rates on the personal credit cards : 1.5% instead of 1.75% per month (i.e.18%/year instead of 21%/year).

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