BSL BANK Personal Cash Secured Loan - Do not spend your savings!


  • Currency: USD & LBP
  • Maximum period: unlimited 
  • Amount on hold: 100% of the gross loan amount
  • Interest rate: Differential of 3% for USD  |  Differential of 4% for LBP
  • Interest type: Fixed
  • File fees: 0
  • Stamp fees: 1.5‰ on schedule of payment taken only once and LBP 10,000 on the pledge contract + LL 50,000 notary fees
  • Commission fees: 2‰
  •  Prepayment payment option: Prepayment option: Accepted  |  Prepayment commission and penalty: to be fixed on case-by-case basis

Services bundled

  • E-banking
  • Moment loyalty program

Documents needed

  • Certificate of individual status or copy of identity card

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