Currency LBP
Loan amount Minimum LBP 30,000,000
Maximum LBP 75,000,000
Duration from 1 year to 6 years 
Interest rate  BRR + 4%, minimum 13.99%, renewable annually as per the rate of the BRR

Special promotional campaign
Interest rate reduced to 13.99% for the first year
Commission fees No Commission 
Stamp fee  LBP 10,000 per year on the contract
1.5‰ on schedule of payment taken only once
File fee LBP 225,000
APR 15.27%


Age Minimum 21 years
Maximum 64 years (at time of loan full settlement)
Nationality  Lebanese, residing in Lebanon
Salary domiciliation Mandatory at any bank
Occupation Employed for more than 1 year, or self-employed with 2 years of profitability 
Minimum revenue LBP 3,000,000 per month for employees, LBP 3,750,000 for self-employed
Guarantee On case by case basis
Life Insurance  Mandatory

Required documents

  • Identity card or recent individual civil status certificate (3 months)
  • Recent family register certificate (3 months)
  • Proof of residence: mayor certificate or electricity bill in the name of the applicant
  • Copy of the apartment title deed or lease agreement
  • For employees: 
    Authenticated salary certificate (specifying the position, employment starting date, NSSF number, monthly salary)
    Statement of account for the past 6 months
  • For self-employed:
    Balance sheet for the past 3 years
    Statement of account for the past 12 months
    Copy of the premises title deed or lease contract
    Commercial circular (if applicable)

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1 year

6 years

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Interest Rate: 13.99%

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