Our purpose and values

We seek to provide our customers with a relationship-based banking experience, whilst caring for their financial well-being. This is achieved by understanding each customers’ unique needs and by offering innovative products that are supported by high service levels; in addition to consultancy specifically aimed at increasing personal wealth and business success.

Our values are the cornerstone of our dealings with customers and stakeholders. Drawn from the Bank’s history and banking acumen, our values are built around the importance of Ethics, Professionalism, Care and Transparency.

BSL BANK promotes Ethics in dealing with its customers and stakeholders in a moral and rightful way.

Professionalism is defined by the Bank’s courtesy, swift actions and highly efficient service.

At all times, the Bank Cares for its customers’ financial well-being, consulting in a way that serves their long-term interests.

The Bank’s Transparency is born out of a belief that all parties are best served through a meaningful, long-term partnership with a commitment to total openness and frank communications.

BSL BANK’s faith in traditional values and its track record of exceptional banking services give it durability, strength and progressive evolution.

Our history


The bank was established in 1863 as the Ottoman Imperial Bank (OIB) with French and British shareholding.

Our history


Following the collapse of the Ottoman Empire after World War I, Paribas took over OIB in 1919 and renamed it Banque de Syrie.

Our history


The bank’s name is changed to Banque de Syrie et du Grand Liban and is granted the privilege of issuing banknotes in Lebanon and Syria.

Our history


The bank’s name is changed to Banque de Syrie et du Liban (Bank of Syria and Lebanon) and the privilege of issuing banknotes is extended until 1963.

Our history


Following the establishment of the Central Bank of Lebanon, the bank becomes a fully-fledged commercial bank operating only in Lebanon and its name is changed to Société Nouvelle de la Banque de Syrie et du Liban.

Our history


Mrs. Nadia El Khoury acquires the majority of the bank’s shares from Paribas.

Our history


On July 04, 2012, the bank’s name is changed to BSL BANK S.A.L.


BSL BANK is a mid-sized Lebanese bank, operating in Lebanon. Our success has been built upon three core activities: Retail Banking, Commercial Banking and Treasury and Capital Markets. Our strategy focuses on the needs of our customers, which are central to the development of products and financial solutions. Our long-term strategy however, rests on our responsibility as bankers to assist our clients in their financial decisions and help them to avoid over-indebtedness, and drive productive investments. This strategy has helped the Bank to build a strong reputation as a highly trusted Bank with a conservative risk appetite and disciplined policy.

As a mid-sized Bank, our skilled human capital gives us the advantage of flexibility, the dynamics of innovation, and a high responsiveness capacity.

Retail Banking
BSL BANK provides individual clients with customer-focused, needs-based financial services through its 18 branches across all the major cities in the country. Experienced Retail Banking Officers provide trusted financial advice to customers, caring for their long-term finances.

In addition to standard banking products, the bank has proven its ability over the past period to design competitive retail products with a truly innovative edge that are tailored to customers’ needs.

Commercial Banking
The bank serves a diverse range of commercial customers ranging from domestic middle market businesses, to large corporates that have greater volumes and often operate across borders. The bank offers a wide array of credit extension, commercial loans, incentive loans, energy loans and project financing, as well as trade facility services. Dedicated Relationship Managers enable the bank to create ever-greater levels of trust and provide commercial customers with a personal touchpoint, ensuring that their short, medium and long-term financial arrangements are expertly managed.

Through the adoption of a nuanced approach to commercial relationship management, the provision of professional advisory services, and the delivery of adapted financial solutions to each and every company within its core activity, BSL BANK has strengthened its ability to focus on its commitment to developing long-term customer relationships, placing their businesses objectives at the heart of its operations.

Treasury and capital markets
BSL BANK covers the Capital Market needs of its customers, such as brokerage and trading of all types of securities on both local and international stock exchanges for Stocks and Bonds by executing their orders in this regard.

In addition, the Bank’s Commercial Relationship Managers work on an ongoing basis to ensure that business customers receive personalized treasury and cash management services. Continuous coordination means that businesses are able to optimize currency conversions, whilst also achieving a low risk exposure.

Board of Directors

Chairman of the board

Board of Directors

Mr. Ramsay El Khoury

Mrs. Mia El-Khoury Ayoub S.E. Joseph Chaoul Mr. Riad Mansour Mr. Elie Chartouny Dr. Antoine Papadopoulo Mrs. Ghina Haddad Mr. Ghantous Gemayel Mr. Faten Mattar

Management team

General Manager


Mr. Nicolas Saliby

Mrs. Maya Azzi - Head of Treasury and Capital Markets Mrs. Nadine Azar - Head of Support Mr. Fady Abou Diwan - Head of Risk Management and Finance Mr. Ibrahim Bassil - Head of Operations Mr. Antoine Daoud - Head of Accounting Mr. Alain Maalouf - Head of Compliance Dr. Elie Abi Chahine - Head of Human Resources Mrs. Rania Bassil - Head of Legal

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