Use Debit card for instant access to your account via an ATM machine or POS (point of sale)
 Currency LBP and USD
 Conditions and Eligibility Applicant must be over 18 years old
 Debit Card Usage  In Lebanon
  • ATM: Depends on the card’s profile
  • POS: LBP 10,000,000 per day or differs depending on the card’s profile
Abroad (valid for debit cards linked to USD Fresh Funds Account)
 Card Monthly Fee   LBP 5,000 per month or USD 1  
 SMS Notifications   LBP 3,000 per month or USD 1 
 Withdrawals Commissions   Free from BSL BANK ATM Network

Benefits include

  • Funds with convenient access, without the risks associated with carrying cash
  • Insurance against theft and fraud
  • Card easily obtained by simply opening an account at BSL BANK
  • SMS alert service available
  • Call center available 24/7
  • 24h access to your account at ATMs, your transactions are directly debited from your account

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