Use Financing for the purchase of a laptop
Designed For BSL BANK clients for more than 2 years only
Loan Period Up to 2 years
Interest Rate 6.5% flat (USD) 
10% flat (LBP)
Conditions / Eligibility Applicant should be a Lebanese National for over 10 years
To be BSL BANK client for more than 2 years 
Satisfactory account movement
Edge Gives you the entire freedom of choice for the PC of any vendor and any brand 
Adaptable financing amount 
Simple and efficient, just fill in the application form at your usual BSL BANK branch
Benefits No down payment 
No file fees 
Flexible repayment period 
Fast approval timeline
Loan Amount Maximum USD3,000 

How much can you get?





0.5 year

2 years

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0 Months

Interest rate: 6.5%

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