Benefits include

  • Selection of benefits linked to an account created especially for young people (aged 18 to 28)
  • 24h access to your account at ATMs, your transactions are directly debited to your account
  • Funds with convenient access, without the risks associated with carrying cash
  • International and local use
  • Insurance against loss, theft and fraud
  • Card easily obtained by simply opening an account at BSL BANK
  • Credit line access upon domiciliation of salary
  • SMS alert service available
  • Call center available 24/7





Conditions and Elegibility

Card Cost

Withdrawals commissions

Debit card for instant access to your account via an ATM machine or POS (point of sale)

ATM: USD 500 per day  POS: USD 1,000 per day


A bank account at BSL

The Jeans Card is offered free of charge

Free from BSL BANK ATM Network