The Green Sea

" أرغب بإهدائكم هذه اللوحة أن أعبّر عمّا أكنّه لهذا البنك من احترام ومحبة ، وخاصة في هذه الأوقات الصعبة التي يمرّ فيها البلد الذي نحب. "  (8/11/2019)

With these heartwarming words, Mr. Al Dandashi offered to BSL BANK one of his beautiful artistic paintings: The Green Sea. The painting features Tripoli calm and deep sea using the colors of life, of renewal and hope.

BSL BANK family is sincerely grateful to Mr. Al Dandashi’s thoughtful gesture, which came in one of the most challenging periods the country is going through since many years.

We hope that the serenity of the painting, and the freedom of its birds, will soon bring peace to the hearts of our people and to the soul of our beloved Lebanon.


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