We were proud to be among BASSMA’s beneficiaries, volunteers and supporters at Smiles Restaurant re-launching event on October 16, 2019. Smiles Restaurant offers daily hot meals to the most deprived people, and needed a deep premises renovation. Through the financial contribution of BSL BANK along with other supporters and volunteering works, BASSMA was able to renovate the restaurant space and equipment to better serve their beneficiaries.

BASSMA is a Lebanese NGO that helps underprivileged families to reach self-sufficiency and empower them to improve their own lives through a better access to education and employment, and through providing food aid, material aid, home renovations and social support.

You can help BASSMA by making in-kind donations like clothes, school supplies, food etc… You can also give a hand at the Restaurant, help in school evening tutoring, or even offer specific trainings to help adults develop job skills.

Every one of us can bring a smile to the ones who mostly need it.

If you can help, please call BASSMA at 01-393077 or visit www.BASSMA.org.

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