From the 7th to the 12th of October, we launched the 2019 edition of our annual Apple Week. We bought apples from local farmers from as many regions as possible; from the North all the way to the South, without forgetting the Beqaa and Beirut districts. These apples were then distributed to our employees, partners and clients.

On October 6, we also invited our employees and their families and friends to pick apples from Kfarnis in the Chouf region, as a way to reconnect with the beautiful nature of Lebanon, and to have a more authentic experience with the products and the communities behind them.

Buying anything made or grown in Lebanon is already a great way to support local farmers, and we believe that if local businesses can be supported by every one of us, then the agriculture sector of the country, and other supporting sectors, will flourish. 

All it takes is that one extra step. Wouldn't you take part of it?

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